Christmas and New Year Deals
Christmas and New Year evening Buffet: 14.90 per head
(minimum ten in a Group Booking only) One bottle of House wine free for the group
  1. Five Different Starters
  2. Five Different Main Courses
  3. Five Different Deserts

Pongal Special Deals only on 14th Jan 2014
All deals come with a soft drink
  1. Sambar vadai, Masala Dosa, Sweet Pongal, One Vada, One Vegetable Bonda & Payasam - 7.70
  2. Vegetable Bonda,Two Idlis.Vadai, Paysam and Sweet Pongal - 7.70
  3. Gobi manchurian, sweet pongal, salt pongal, one vadia, payasam, - 7.70
  4. Mixed Veg Oothapam, Rasam, One Vada, Sweet Pongal, Payasam - 7.70
  5. Sweet Pongal, One Vadai, Payasam and Special Thali - 9.50
Bookings : Please call us on 02380638998 / 5, Mob: 07553361007 / e-mail:

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